Bounce is about resilience.

Bounce is a journey.

Bounce is my journey.

Affirmations: I have much to be grateful for. I am a voice actor and a writer. I have the best daughter, and friends that hold me up before I know I am falling. A house of my own, a dog, a cat. And for awhile, I had the kind of crazy, irrational, amazing love that can’t possibly exist outside of a novel.

Except it did. And he did.

And then cancer took him away from me almost overnight.

IMG_0397I am not a whiner. I am the person most likely to be depended upon in a crisis. I am relentlessly – perhaps pathologically –  optimistic. But this has thrown me for a loop.

Bounce the blog is more than an expression of grief. Bounce is about hope. And adventure. And forging a new path. We all suffer loss – whether it’s a loved one, a job, divorce, a dream. If my journey forward can help you with yours, well, then something good will have come out of all this.

Bounce with me.